Paleo and Pottery

RIVERSTONE POTTERY BY HOPE plus the paleo lifestyle



Hi!  I am Hope, the potter behind RiverStone Pottery.  I am a professional potter, wife and mother of 3, and am in love with the Paleo lifestyle . My pottery studio has been in motion for over 15 years. Having my own studio allows me time to spend with my family as well as live my dream of being a mother and a potter. Everything I make is 100% handmade with a passion for the art.

I live a paleo lifestyle, specifically the autoimmune paleo lifestyle.  2013 was a big year of change for me as my Standard American Diet got the best of me.  I became sick in June 2013 and had to quit making pottery for several months.  During that time through much research, the help of my naturopath, and God’s provision, I figured out a healing plan that works for my body.  I have what’s known as a  leaky gut which causes autoimmune issues to wreak havoc on my body.  Transitioning to an autoimmune paleo  diet has been the key to the healing process that I am currently in.  I went from sick and depressed to feeling good and healing in a matter of months.  I attribute my journey of recovery to my autoimmune paleo lifestyle.

This blog incorporates both my love for pottery and food as I attempt to knit my two passions in life together.  My goal is to encourage, inspire, and hopefully help others who may be on a similar path or know someone who is.




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